Monday, April 03, 2006

Lighting designers play an important role in any residential or commercial project.

My husband and I are in the process of building a new custom home. We have been visiting model homes, clipping magazine articles and attending home shows for the past year. We have seen some beautiful homes, but one common theme we see over and over is bad lighting. Why is it so hard for builders and architects to get it right? Do you do RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING DESIGN?
Residential lighting design is just one major discipline in the overall home building process. Architects and builders have a daunting task of deciding and tracking every detail of the process and often time lighting takes a back seat to other issues. Some architects and builders make lighting a priority and other assign the task to the interior designer or lighting salesman. The interior designer is actually the best person to get involved. Interior designers are accustomed to working with LIGHTING DESIGNERS, kitchen designers and closet designers to produce a quality product.

Lighting designers need valuable input from the architect, interior designer, builder and customer to properly do their work. The architect provides construction documents defining framing details, ductwork paths, plumbing pipes, sprinkler pipes and other obstructions that may effect the lighting layout. The interior designer lays out the furniture, rugs, artwork and plants which provide targets for the lighting designer.

The home's architectural style, furniture, paint colors and artwork each play a major role in determining the type, style and placement of the lighting fixtures for the design. And finally, it's the client's that must define their expectations to the team so that the final result is what they had in mind.

To answer your question, we most certainly can help you with your lighting design. The earlier we are involved with your design team, the better and more cost efficient the project will be. By eliminating costly mistakes and opening up channels of communications during the construction phase a lighting consultant can add tremendous value to the project. After all, without light you have no color, texture or form!

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